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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It´s becoming clear that platanos make up a big part of a Dominican´s diet and mine. It seems everything I like is made from platanos. Maduros, tostones, mangu and mofongo. Add to that the guineos, and it´s pretty much all about bananas. Anyway, I made a short, low quality video of making maduros for you before I had my coffee. I fry up a dozen of these a day for Emilia and Lina. They can´t get enough of them. Maduros have become their one and only staple in their diet.

The video only shows part of the process. I´m just using a camera that has a 1 minute limit on video. I don´t have editing software, so I´m working on perfecting the 1 minute, single take cooking video.

And a Photo Montage

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